Houston’s Best Pet Sitters: Cat Sitting vs Cat Boarding


cat sitter client

I answered my phone and the caller told me he was looking for a place to board his cat. I explained that Houston’s Best Pet Sitters only does in-home cat sitting, not boarding. I asked him if he had considered this option, since cats are much happier at home. Too expensive, he said.

Now, this is the kind of conversation I love, since I’m happy to tell prospective clients that cat sitting in their home is very competitively priced, if not downright cheaper.  Even if  there’s only one cat in the home. And it’s certainly less expensive than boarding if there are multiple cats.

Then there’s the convenience factor.  No dropping off.  No rushing home from a trip, trying to get to the boarding facility before closing time.  Or worse, getting home late and having to wait until the next day to pick up your furbuddy.

I spent several years working in a vet clinic, and I know how stressful boarding is for cats.  Even in the best conditions, with the most caring staff.  One of the things I love most about cat sitting is the good feeling that comes from knowing that every cat in the care of Houston’s Best Pet Sitters is safe, comfy and secure in his or her own familiar surroundings.


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