Contaminated Pet Food? Report it!

Your dog or cat gets sick after eating pet food you now suspect is contaminated.  After getting veterinary care for your pet, what do you do next?  Throw out the rest of the food?  There goes the food, the package, and the lot numbers which would identify when and where the food was manufactured.  Call the store where you bought it?  Call the manufacturer?  Maybe.  But first, report it to the FDA. (Click here to report online).   Save the package and the rest of the food for identification purposes.

The Association for Truth in Pet Food has announced a campaign for reporting pet food-related “adverse events”.   Report It! is a program to educate pet food consumers on where and how to report pet food/pet treat adverse reactions, illnesses, or deaths . The group has asked the FDA to be a partner in this campaign, and is awaiting a decision from FDA.  In the meantime, if you suspect your pet suffered illness (or worse) due to contaminated food or treats, report it.  You may save the life of someone else’s pet.