Really cares

Houston’s Best Pet Sitters is FANTASTIC!! I just moved to Houston in September and had a major trips planned in December. To this point, my cats have only lived in one home and only boarded, with the Vet . . .  that they have known their entire lives. Needless to say, they are not particularly accustomed to change in their old age (one of them in particular). I was apprehensive of leaving my kids with a total stranger and giving someone access to my home, while I was out of the country for 2 weeks. She sent me pictures everyday and provided me with updates, she even mentioned their little habits . . . so I know that she bonded with them. What I loved most is that she ensured that my plane landed on time and that I made it back home as planned in time for their evening meal. My friends, on the trip with me, were envious. My cousin had a horrible experience with her pet sitter in Austin, who she’s known for a year. The sitter didn’t call or send any communication for 2 weeks. She didn’t know if she’d ever see her dog again. My sitter REALLY cares, you can tell this is more than a job for her . . . taking care of animals is her passion. I definitely plan to use her again.

The best cat sitters in Houston

Hands down, the best pet sitters in Houston! I have used their services consistently over the past 5 years, and I HIGHLY recommend them. The owner goes above and beyond to provide the best sitters, service, and care. The individual pet sitters she employs are professional, courteous, trustworthy, and hard workers. My specific one is amazing! She cares for my cats as if they were her own. And my babies love her. When I’m away, she texts updates after every visit, including pics of each of my cats. I’d be lost without Houston’s Best Pet Sitters!


I am picky about my pets’ care, and I happily depend on Houston’s Best Pet Sitters. When I was new to Houston I interviewed a number of potential sitters, knowing I would sometimes need to be out of town, and Houston’s Best Pet Sitters was the most professional by far. When the sitter came for an initial consultation and asked good questions and took careful notes, I knew my cats would be well and happy in her hands. I receive texts after each scheduled visit, plus occasional photos, to let me know how the pets are doing. That practice inspires such confidence; it may be standard, but in combination with Houston’s Best Pet Sitters’ online pet profile and flexible request system (I love the freedom to schedule visits for different lengths of time), I just feel there is nothing they have not thought of in advance. If I have questions or special requests, they always respond quickly to let me know what’s possible; they understand time-sensitive needs and understand those of us who plan vacations around pet care! My cats are relaxed and happy when I come home from traveling, which tells the story.

The best customer service and pet care

We had boarded our pets once or twice the one time a year we get to go in a little trip. We have two cats and a dog and they are all very particular in how they need to be fed and the dog let in and out and those types of things. We thought we would try an in home pet sitter this time and I contacted Houston’s Best Pet Sitters. I talked to the owner at length about all my concerns and she was very nice and answered all my questions. We met with Reanna at our home to show her everything.

Reanna is amazing! Our shy animals took to her right away and she took such good care of them while we were away. She gave us updates on every single visit and took pictures for us.

We will be using Houston’s Best Pet sitters from now on!

Spoiled as my cats

I can’t even begin to thank Melanie for her help this year.  My pets are my family, and just having a sense that I had someone, in-town, that could help me care for them . . . seemed to help everything else fall in place. I arrived in September and was travelling by December. Houston’s Best Pet Sitters sat for me about once a month and I never had to worry about what was going on at home, while I was away. As duty calls, I will be moving to DC next week. My adjustment to Houston was “so-so” . . . but my experience with Melanie was priceless. Now, I am just as spoiled as my cats, and I hope to find someone even half as special as Melanie to look after us in the DMV area.

Thorough updates and an added bonus

We used Houston’s Best Pet Sitters when traveling internationally for 5 days. Having Candace and Suzanne do an introductory visit before we left made me feel much more at ease that my shy dog would warm up to them and be in great hands. They provided us with thorough updates each visit and gave my dog lots of attention. Not needing to worry about adding a kennel drop off or pick up when departing or returning from the airport was an added bonus. We will definitely be using Houston’s Best Pet Sitters when traveling in the future!

Great communication

I love the level of service I get from Houston’s Best Pet Sitters. Cara-Lisa, the owner, personally responds to my requests, is happy to call and answer all of my questions, and always makes me feel at ease when I leave town. My sitter is great and my cats love her. I love the updates each visit that include photos and details of how my kitties are doing. Simply the best cat sitters in Houston.

Dependable and great care

These folks are the most wonderful and flexible sitters in the area. I’ve never had an issue and they are very dependable. I especially like the photos and messages I get when they take care of my babies.

2 older dogs who require medication

I have used this service several times in the past few months, always with good results. I have 2 older dogs who require medication twice a day. Kennels have become too stressful for them, and they always came home with problems. This service has been great for them. I get text messages regularly from the sitter, my dogs love them, and I can be away from home with peace of mind!

Peace of mind

My friend recommended Houston’s Best Pet Sitters and they have been very reassuring while my family is on vacation. In the past I’d have a friend or neighbor check in on my cat, but I’d worry it would be a big chore for them. Or maybe they’d rush in and out and I’d wonder while on vacation if my cat was OK. So far we have had the same sitter, Anna, while we are away. She has been great! We receive updates daily with photos detailing our cats demeanor, appetite and how they’d play together. This is a great service and provides peace of mind.

Above and Beyond

It went AWESOME! Usually, when I plan to have the pet sitters come, I leave all the supplies out on the counter. Under the circumstances, only the dry food was on the counter. The wet food was “hidden” away in my cupboard. Alice took the initiative to search out the wet cat food so that my babies could stay on their regular feeding schedule & not have to miss out on their “treat” of wet food. Alice was truly a Godsend as I was in the ER & hospital from 10pm Wednesday night until 4pm Thursday. The kitties would have been ok, but at the time, the prognosis was a much longer hospital. As such, the relief went a long way in allowing me to focus on the matters at hand. Melanie staffs her business with knowledgeable people & the demonstration of initiative proved the “Above & Beyond” service level of this business, & Alice in particular. Thanks again! I LOVE being able to rest peacefully knowing my babies will be well taken care of.

Meet and greet

When I first used their service, the owner sent the pet sitter over to my apartment for a “meet and greet,” so I knew exactly who was coming into my home and how they would interact with my cats. The pet sitter is always the same person, which allows you to get to know them specifically. When my pet sitter comes to feed my cats, he sends a text message when he’s finished to give me an update…twice a day! This has really helped to calm any fears I had while away. And best of all, my cats love him :). I can’t say enough good things about Houston’s Best, and I highly recommend them. They really do go the extra mile for their customers, both pets and humans.

Organized and great care

Houston Best pet sitter organized to send the pet sitter, Dorota, to our house for the pre-visit to meet the cats and see where the food, box, etc. were. During the time of pet sitting, we received an email with pictures after each visit (every second day) and the sitter took great care of our cats and even put our mail in while we were away.

Dog Walking

I can’t speak highly enough about this company and its employees. When I was researching dog walking options, I read and heard so many horror stories about dog walking apps and lost or injured pets, break-ins, and so forth. I trust the people at Houston’s Best Pet Sitters implicitly, and never have to worry that my dog is receiving the best care when I’m at work. Their level of professionalism, courtesy and care is rare and absolutely invaluable, and I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought.

Outstanding Service

We have been using Houston’s Best Pet Sitters for about three years and have always gotten outstanding service.  The owner is friendly, responsive, thoughtful, and runs a great business.  We have had three different sitters, and all have been excellent – warm, responsible, and helpful.  She been particularly great about getting coverage on short notice.  My wife and I often have to travel without advance warning, and she has always been able to get us the service we need, even at the last minute.  Bottom line – if you want to be sure that your pets are in great hands, call Houston’s Best Pet Sitters.

Easier to travel knowing he is safe and happy

We have used Houston’s Best Pet Sitters for pet sitting and dog walking services for our dog for the last four years. We have always been very satisfied with our service. The owner is wonderful and is very responsive to inquires and requests for service. Our walkers and sitters are always very personable and professional and are great with our dog. We are pretty obsessive, but they always follow any instructions we leave with regard to care and they provide lots of pup-dates though either photos or text so that we can keep track of how things are going.  It makes it easier for us to travel knowing that he is safe and happy at home.

Personable and Professional

We have used Houston’s Best Pet Sitters for pet sitting and dog walking services for our dog for the last four years. We have always been very satisfied with our service. The owner is wonderful and is very responsive to inquires and requests for service. Our walkers and sitters are always very personable and professional and are great with our dog.