Houston Pet Sitter on Dogs in Hot Cars

Houston's Best Pet Sitters photo
© Melanie Whitman 2010

As a pet sitter in Houston, I’m keenly aware of the temperature.  I keep a close eye on dogs I’m walking, because the heat can get to some of them almost before you get from their front door to the sidewalk.  Some dogs are hyper-sensitive to heat because of their breed, coat, age, or their condition (read:  they’re fat).  In these cases, the pet sitter needs to do a very short walk, then finish the visit inside where it’s cool,  just playing or hanging out.

So maybe I’m just paying a little more attention than the average person in a parking lot.  No matter.  Here’s the official word.  It’s very pleasant outside right now.  But it’s Houston.  Parked cars are already HOT.  It only takes a few minutes to get unbearably hot.  Everybody has heard this a thousand times, right?  But let me add my voice to those thousand and say please leave your dogs at home when they can’t go in with you.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Save the car rides for going someplace your pooch will actually enjoy.

‘Nuff said.  Now get out there with your dogs and enjoy this weather while you still can.  Summer’s coming!