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Houston's Best Pet Sitters

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Looking for the best dog walkers in Houston TX?  You've come to the right place!

Dog Walking

Long hours at work? Houston's Best Pet Sitters offers dog walking to give your best friend a bright spot during the day. Physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis will soothe your pet's body, mind and spirit. Boredom and lack of exercise are the cause of many dog behavioral problems.

"Dogs would rather walk than do anything else...even for a dog living in a large backyard, if they don't have a chance to go out and explore the world by walking, it's just like living in a big kennel" 
--Cesar Millan

Treat your best friend to the best dog walkers in Houston!

Quick potty break
20 Minute dog walk

Dog walking tailored to the age/condition of your pet.

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Please note:  There is a $6 surcharge for each service on major holidays. 
!00% of this goes to your sitter.

Rates are based on one dog.   Add $4 for each additional dog.
15 Minute dog walk
30 Minute dog walk