From Hawaii Pet Owner to Montrose Pet Sitter

by Melanie on January 18, 2015

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I recently braved the construction going on in the Montrose/River Oaks/Midtown areas for a quick visit/key exchange with one of our pet sitters, Deena.  I enjoyed the visit and the fact that Deena always very generously lets me hold her tiny poodle, Keoki (that’s him in the picture).
When I first met Deena, we needed a pet sitter and dog walker in Montrose.  Deena, who lived in Montrose, wanted a pet sitting and dog walking job that would work with her classes.  As we chatted during that first meeting, she casually reached into her bag and out popped a little white head, followed by a little white body.  A few minutes later, she told me that energetic little guy is 17 years old.  You’d never know it to look at him.
Deena and Keoki are happily settled into their new home, very conveniently located for a pet sitter, except for the seemingly never-ending construction on Shepherd.   Deena is also settling in with our pet sitting and dog walking clients in her area.  When I asked her for a little “official” bio for Houston’s Best Pet Sitters’ clients, I told her it didn’t necessarily have to be all about pets.  But somehow, like all pet lovers, she ended up making it all about pets after all.  So allow me to introduce Deena.
Deena and Keoki Deena and Keoki
My name is Deena and I am from Kailua, Hawaii.  I have always had a strong affinity for pets. In my life, there has been nothing that gives me more peace of mind than the company of animals.
I believe in great care for the health of my pets, as I would for yours. Many of my “tailed children” have lived long prosperous lives; two of them made it well past the 20 year mark. Currently my 17 year old dog still has the vitality of a puppy despite all of his early-on health scares.
 All of my canine pets (and even one of the cats) have had weekly professional training, which I attended and participated in.  I hope to share some of these passions and skills with your furry family members. 

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